This is a provocative post targeting the people of the west who created a global turmoil with the Russia-Ukraine war.

When will #Europeans get a spine of steel like Gerhard Schröder the former Chancellor of Germany. Here are some thoughts for Europeans to ponder upon to think if they are the player or the pawns in the new global era.

The Bretton Woods institutes World Bank and IMF has been ripping of every country the world including European nations. Look at how they treated the countries Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain during the financial crisis. They were even called derogatorily called as PIGS.  

The World Bank always gets US citizen as president and the IMF always gets European as head and this made the Europeans believe that they are treated equally. But if you carefully look at the voting power in IMF. US has 16.50% voting power and to pass any resolution needs 85%.
This means that US can effectively block anything that Europeans bring to IMF or as a matter of fact rest of the world. This is why China is fighting to build a parallel institutions. Shame on @BarackObama for asking countries not to join AIIB. 

The GBP and Euro was very strong in 2007 such that US dollar lost its value such that 2$ = 1 GBP. It created a panic in the US economy when it hit such a low value. US elites decided to take a revenge on European countries and you know how they exported the 2009 crisis to Europe. They forced banks from around the world to buy the US banks that went rogue and broke and made small countries in Europe suffer unreasonably for no fault of theirs. Michael Lewis was clever enough to show that Europeans were stupid enough to be fooled by US banks in his book. But he did not say much about how US forced this crisis to the European countries.

The Europeans gave the Nobel Peace Prize to newly elected US president Barack Obama that’s when I started called it Noble Please Prize. This act was seen as a loss of self-respect by some Europeans. Donald J Trump fuelled the racism in both Europe and US so well that Britain elected a racist as their Prime Minister who was thrown away by his own party. The BREXIT is another tragedy.

United Europe is always a threat to United States is a popular sentiment in US political circle.

US government disrespected the Germans by listening to their former Chancellor’s phone calls and doing unethical things. Not much fumes for this act of espionage but they want Assange to be sent to US for an unfair trial.

Once one of the senior diplomats was asked what is the difference when it comes to peace in European Union and ASEAN, his answer was in ASEAN there were zero wars in the last decade but in European Union the prospect of war is zero. I think this comment explained why European Union got Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 which was very much deserved.

But now look at 10 years latter US brought a proxy war to Europe and wrecking a havoc on the EU and its people. Will EU return the Nobel Peace Prize for not being able to negotiate peace? The woke capitalism exported by the US government and its super rich is going to rob the hard working people of their savings through unprecedented inflation, deny retirement with dignity by keeping markets in turmoil, rob the common people a publicly funded healthcare system and finally create a revolt against the people who are fighting against the hegemony. Good Luck Europeans.