This is a joke from Mr.Kishore Mabhubani Dean of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

UK government issued a tender to construct a tunnel. Of all the proposals one of them looked very cheap but government still decided to checkout the company that applied for the project. The official visited the company that applied for this project and found out the location to be a house with two old men living in it. The officials inquired if they were the ones who submitted that proposals and the old men confirmed the same. The officials asked them how can construct a tunnel so cheaply. One of the men said that he will start to dig from one end and his brother will dig from the other end and they meet in middle and finish the project. The officials were taken aback. They asked the men “What if you both don’t meet at when digging the tunnel”.
The old man replied “Well you get two tunnels for the cost of one”.