The following are the resources you need to do what is shown in the demo.

These are the queries used in the demo. Replace project-id and dataset with your project id and dataset name.

[code language=”sql”]
SELECT STRFTIME_UTC_USEC(pickup_datetime, ‘%Y-%m’) as TripMonth
, SUM(trip_distance) as total_trip_distance
, SUM(fare_amount) as total_fare_amount
, SUM(extra) as total_extra_amount
, SUM(mta_tax) as total_mta_tax
, SUM(tip_amount) as total_tip_amount
, SUM(tolls_amount) as total_tolls_amount
, SUM(ehail_fee) as total_ehail_fee
, SUM(total_amount) as total_paid_amount
FROM [project-id.BigQueryToExcel.trips_2014]
GROUP BY TripMonth
ORDER BY TripMonth


[code language=”sql”]
DELETE FROM `project-id.BigQueryToExcel.trips_2014`
WHERE FORMAT_TIMESTAMP(‘%Y-%m’, pickup_datetime) = ‘2014-12’