Cloud Computing is empowering organizations to scale at a level that was unimaginable previously. It is not just about scale it is also about economical value it offers and specialized services that can be integrated to your enterprise applications. Before coming up with cloud computing, it is better to understand and answer few questions for your organization.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”  – Theodore Levitt

The mindset of IT department of various companies was to build all the systems by themselves. This was the blocking factor for many companies in my experience from realizing their vision.

How far does the technology stack is different between your organization and competitor?

If the answer is not much then why don’t you opt for a shared and standardized infrastructure to run your applications. The cloud computing’s economies of scale will help you save substantial money.

Specialized Services

Cloud computing platforms offer specialized services that help you modernize your application by adding new ways of enhancing user experience. You don’t need to build a machine learning system for Natural Language Processing instead many platforms offer this services which is easy to integrate to your applications.


To me one of the best values that I get out of cloud computing platform is the security offered by the providers. Cloud computing providers invest substantial amount of money to secure their platform. There are incidents of downtime and security leaks but they are transparent in most of the cases.


Now-a-days most of the companies are opting for DevOps processes where by implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery to get the releases real-time to production not sit on it for downtime. QA teams are using advanced automation tools which can complete regression testing in few hours instead of few days but for the team to realize their dream of devops they need cloud computing platform to scale and dynamically allocate new resources on the fly.

Hope these thoughts will help you come up with a good cloud computing strategy for your organization.