Use firebug to create mockups

You can create mockups for existing web applications using firebug. Just inspect the main content area and remove that HTML and add your new page’s HTML and see how it looks. I use this apporach when I don’t have Photoshop or GIMP on my...

Free Decompiler for .NET

JetBrains is offering a free decompiler for .NET. Check out the cool features of the tool here. If you have two dlls and wanted to compare then decompiler is one good...

Tracking application size

It is better to track the growth rate of your application per sprint release. Count SLOC of an application per programming language used before start of sprint. Divide each SLOC group by its Caper Jones factor and add function points to get the total. Do the same at...


Use the plug-in from to find out how to improve the performance of your website. They have also outlined 23 best practices check it out.

Bundling Feature

Use bundling feature to minimize the number of HTTP requests to your website. Bundling enables web applications to serve multiple files for one http request.


To improve the performance of your website use minification feature which will remove white spaces, new lines and empty lines in your css, js files and reduce their size there by users can download them faster.