Economists are funny people who try to pose as scientists and project an image that they can cure all social evils with their economic theory. The real truth is that economists are the devils of the modern economy. In this post I am going to outline what the real goals that economists have for the countries. The reason why I am writing this post is that during the financial crisis in 2009 hedge fund managers were jailed for insider trading but the economists who misled lot of investors and deprived the average people of their health, wealth and future were not put behind the bars. Most of what I am outlining here are currently applicable to developed countries like US, UK, EU and developing countries will soon face these issues.

Rob our children’s future

The most painful thing for a parent to see is to see their kids future robbed. One of the key things that shows this is that kids born after 2000 are not going to get a salary higher than their parents but they will end up paying more for everything they use in their life. The other factor that shows this is that it takes years for kids who finish college to get a job that matches their education, skill and potential. The economists have come up with a global model that ships jobs abroad and deprives all opportunities for graduates here. The cunning economists have made sure that the real data is not available anymore and the ones that are available are fake. Look at the stats of BLS total lie. For example look at this chart it shows as if the median not average wage is $70,400. This is bullshit.

Increase inequality

Trust the data. Income inequality and wealth inequality is the biggest problem that countries face be it developed, developing or under-developed country. The main reason for this is that the cunning economists devised strategies and policies that promotes “winner takes all”. My advice to governments world wide is that they should not heed to economists anymore and start listening to the masses for more understanding of their problem and even solutions suggested by masses. The economists along with financial engineers devise evil strategies to enrich only a selected few in the society. Look at the inventions like stock market, commercial banking, investment banking, credit card banking they appear to provide equal opportunity to make anyone rich but the problem is the financial literacy is not promoted and lot of hidden secrets in it. If you are an economist you must feel ashamed that your field devastated human beings more than any other field.

Push people deep into debt

Debt was treated as a sin in olden days. Debt is now the trap economists set to rob us of our future and shackle us to our present. The fancy reason economists come up for this problem is the standard “people are living beyond their means“. There are two things that are blantantly wrong with this propaganda. One is that a good majority of people don’t live beyond their means instead they are overworked but underpaid and the economists use tools like inflation to increase the price of everything that people use. Even if you live within your means with a minimal lifestyle you will still be pushed deep into debt if you don’t think so then you need to look at the fiscal deficit of US and understand who is going to pay for that terrorizing (multi)trillion dollar deficit. Look at the young graduates who are supposed to fly high but the wings of their dreams are clipped by their student loan. Next time if anyone says that people are living beyond their means they better watchout for the reaction from the society.

Rob our parent’s wealth

Retire rich is now an oxymoron for many parents who were planning to retire when they turn 60 or 65. In developing world kids were the providers for retired parents. Kids would stay with their parents and help them till the end by taking care of them. Due to globalization now each member of the family has to work from different cities or countries in pursuit of opportunities. These people gave 40 years of their prime lifetime to the society and in return all they get is nothing not even proper healthcare. Many families are not having immense financial stress because the parents are about to get retired and they don’t have enough funds or income to retire and their kids are in deep debt and no job matching their education. The parents are not able to take care of their kids and the kids are not able to take care of their parents and these families are shedding their tears everyday.

Punish the poor

As I mentioned in the beginning economist try to project an image that they can cure the evils of a society with their theory. They project that their mission is to make poverty a history. If you ask an economist that if the government can directly provide money to the poor so that they can lift themselves up from poverty the chances are most of the economists will say no. The evil economists say that they want to empower poor but they want to take advantage of the poor. Look at the situation of illegal immigrants in US. Some economists say that if US deports illegal immigrants in huge scale the economy will tumble so it is now illegal immigrants who make money and don’t pay any tax have a sound impact on US economy.

The real reason why I wrote this post is that people are blaming politicians for all the mess but from now on people should start asking specific set of people who really cause these problems. I think giving Nobel Prize to economists is like giving Nobel Peace Prize for honor killing. The economists should become humble and step-off the center stage and let politicians, people and business run the mainstream economy.