Happy New Year 2015!!! Best wishes for your dreams to come true.

I think of a fictional story on most of the new year’s eve.

In Japan fishermen have to sail far away into the seas to bring fresh fish because of nuclear disasters and contamination. While travelling back to the shore their fish stock became stale because of the long travel. To solve that problem they came up with an idea of carrying a huge ice box. They placed the fishes in the ice box and their fish stock still became stale because of long journey. Unable to solve the problem they approached an elderly villager to get a solution. The old man suggested to carry a netted small shark and a tank and asked the fishermen to put the fish in the tank where the shark is. The shark chased the fishes and the fishes were trying to escape from the shark. This kept the fishes alive till they reached the shore and their stock was fresh.

The moral of the story is that the challenge kept the fishes alive similarly challenges should keep our life, thought and attitude fresh.