I worked very hard to achieve my goals but somewhere in the journey I lost few intangibles like happiness, smile, calmness and others. Two years ago I started to search for a way to regain the intangibles which will make me feel that I am enjoying the journey towards my goals.

One of the books that has been helpful for a very long time is “THINK AND GROW RICH”. It is a book I read every year to be motivated. I felt that I needed something in addition to this book to keep me on track.

Luckily I went to Barnes and Noble store in Austin, TX to get a drink one day and I saw the book “The Miracle Morning”.

I read few pages in the book and bought it and finished it in 2 days. I then applied what was written in the book. The book suggests us to do the following 6 things as first task in the morning to make the day a great one. They are SAVERS


Spending some time in silence as the first thing in a day made a big difference about my attitude. I usually wake up between 4 to 4:45 AM. This early morning time gave me a calmness that I lost when I was pursuing my goals. After following it for few months I spent some time in silence before going to bed as well in the night. I eventually turned it to a meditation task. I read the book “The Autobiography of Yogi – Paramhansa Yogananda” and understood the value of meditation after reading the first few chapters in the book.


I wrote my affirmation in a piece of paper and I started to read it everyday after I come out of meditation. I also read my affirmation before going to bed sometimes. This is a much needed activity for me. Believe it or not most of the people and companies in the world are programming you via advertisements and their repeated affirmations about you. We need to undo some of the damage done by this programming by doing it consciously for ourselves by reading our affirmation daily.


I visualize some of the short term goals and long term goals by closing my eyes. This is a very powerful exercise. I even orally repeat how I want to achieve the goals. One of the goals I had was to have my office in a mall. When I moved back to India and settled down, I saw a new mall being opened very near to my home. I went it one day and found a coworking space in the mall which rents out space for small offices. I rented one. It was better than what I visualized. I was 78 kgs in weight and I had a half-marathon in my home town and wanted to lose weight. I visualized myself being fit and weighing below 65 kgs. I did workout regularly in the morning between 5-6 am but no restrictions on diet. I did not measure my weight until the race day. After finishing the race I saw a weighing machine in one of the booths and went it and weighed myself. Guess what my weight was 63 kgs. I lost more than 15 kgs in 5 months which is a healthy way to lose weight.


This is my favorite activity of the day. Everyday when I go to bed my last wish is to wake up fresh so that I can do exercise in early morning. I like doing my workouts between 5-6 am. This is the part that helped me get back most of the intangibles I lost in my journey. My family members always feel that I am different person when I exercise regularly. This increased my energy level, focus and stamina to work long hours.


This is my second favorite activity of the day. I love reading. I take vacations only to read books in an open environment close to nature. After finishing my exercise I take a book and read it for 30 to 40 mins. Reading relaxes my mind in unbelievable ways. I read on variety of topics not just technical books.


I write down some of my ideas after reading and also do scribing through out the day. I don’t like to think of the same idea repeatedly when I don’t have to. Scribing relieved my stress enormously and helped me be productive. I do write in my website as a part of scribing.

I use a tracker sheet and track out of the 6 activities in SAVERS how many I do everyday and keep improving the scores to get 42/42 for at least one week in a month.

I suggest you follow this and read the book mentioned above to see a sea change in your attitude which in turn changes your life dramatically.

I will end this post with a interesting quote “The more we believe in miracles┬áthe more marvelous life will be”.