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The following are some of key questions for blockchain.

The following questions will help you think about how you can leverage cloud computing for your organization.



Do you have an environment of trust for various stakeholders to operate which can become self-governing?


Building decentralized systems may be a competitive advantage for your organization.

Creating something unique

Can you create something unique using blockchain which your competitors cannot replicate?

Is Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

Is bitcoin a Ponzi scheme? by H.ThirukkumaranWhat is a Ponzi scheme? Since this article is about a financial product which is yet to be regulated by government let us take the definition of Ponzi schema from US Securities and Exchange Commission.  According to SEC...

Hyperledger Fabric – Development Environment Setup in Linux

Hyperledger is a set of open source projects from Linux Foundation for developing blockchain framework and tools. In this post I am going to explain how to setup the development environment for Hyperledger Fabric (a modular blockchain framework) in Linux. Before we...

Why blockchain?

This is my first post about blockchain. I have been reading about blockchain for the last one year and took few courses in blockchain both from business perspective and from technical perspective. I also learnt a lot from the book "Blockchain - The untold story"...

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