Big Data and Analytics

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The following are some of key questions for Big Data and Analytics.

The following questions will help you think about how you can leverage cloud computing for your organization.

On-Premise or Cloud

The biggest dilemma to overcome is to whether to host big data solutions on-premise or use cloud. Factors like regulation & security should be considered.

Self Service

The goal of  Big Data and Analytics project is to build a self service which users can learn and use by themselves to prepare the reports they need for their analysis.

Predictive Analytics

This may be a key to transform your organization to a proactive one. The predictive analytics solutions accuracy will increase over the years when it is provided with more diverse data.

Big Data & Analytics Mindset

"Mindset first, skill set next" as one of my managers said during early days of my career. Companies are looking to instill a data-driven culture at various levels in the organization. Here are few thoughts to ponder upon on if you are planning to bring in the...

Big Data Solutions On-Premise or Cloud

The biggest dilemma for companies looking to implement Big Data solutions is to decide whether to host it on-premise (including private cloud) or public cloud providers.

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