Companies are evaluating artificial intelligence based solutions for solving some of the problems in their company. I am going to write a series of posts that illustrate where you can use AI. In this post I cover about using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The best value that you can get out of AI is to build a future proof software where you don’t need to do coding or customization instead just feed diverse data at large scale and make the system learn by itself.


Integrating Natural Language Processing to your applications 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)  services built on top of AI will help reduce the learning curve in your organization. Use NLP to build knowledge base. The main theme of industrial revolution was

Transferring the knowledge of doing a mechanical work from human beings to mechanical machines.

I think the same applies to knowledge workers in your company. Make it intuitive and easy for your team members to share what they know via Natural Language Processing. Traditional way of documenting is cumbersome in today’s work environment. Encourage your workers to share their knowledge via audio recording, video recording and from social channels of your company. Build scrapping services to scrap contents from your website or intranet and feed it to the machine learning systems.

Think about how you can use NLP in your applications to make your customers life easy. NLP should be a default feature in applications that use searching, classification and sorting.

If you have a need for implementing a solution to build a knowledge base for your company you can contact me to discuss further.